Last term we started a school netball team we play at creek road netball court.

We won the first 2 games but lost the third game. We went up a division to division

1 witch is much harder.Netball is reallyfun i enjoy it alot….


This term I think I have done really well I have finshed most of my work. Now I am student leader I have had to pick up my game and make sure that I have finished all my work on time.

what i have liked

  • Miss Hinds is really helpful when I don’t under stand something she explanse it so I do under stand it.
  • That most people are getting a long really well with every one around us

What I have disliked

The class is noise.

What I have improved on

I have improved in all areas of school.

What I have to improve on

The way I under stand things.



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